Learn, collaborate, share, and get hands-on with AI and ML. is a company of makers that brought to market new platforms and technologies to drive the AI movement. We are the makers of, H2O-3, the leading open-source data science, and machine learning platform. is involved with, partners, and manages 100’s of meetups around the world.  We believe strongly in democratizing AI and meetups is a great tool to help find, gather, and network with the AI and ML community.  

Our goal is to congregate with data enthusiasts in our local cities or online to discuss trending topics in the world of AI. We also regularly invite esteemed industry influencers and thought leaders who talk shop on all things data science.

Find a group near you and attend the next event. Everyone is welcome!

This page will list past and upcoming meetups.  For virtual meetups, it will include a link to register for the online stream. During meetup, the community can post questions and comments in the discussion. And after the meetup, it will include the slides and replay if available.

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