Frequently Asked Questions

You can create a free account by clicking on "Create Account" in the sidebar.
No, you get free access to the Training site.
Anyone can join our Training site. The Training site is open to everyone.
We have several tutorials, ranging from tutorials for our open source machine learning platform, H2O-3, and also tutorials for H2O Driverless AI.
As you go through the tutorials, each section will open a new window. When you are done with each section, close the window, and open the next one. Each section will be marked as "complete" automatically after you complete the section.
The quizzes at the end of the tutorials are there to test your knowledge. If you pass this quiz, you will earn a badge.
You should've received an email from BadgeCert with instructions on how to view and share your badge. After setting up your account with BadgeCert, you will be able to see your badges in the Dashboard page under "Badges."
You can go to your dashboard and click on "Advance Search," this will allow you to filter tutorials by title.
Yes, both of our Fundamentals courses are free of charge.
This tab allows you to personalize the content that you want to see in the "Recommended For You" page.